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At Preston Point Capital, the foundation is built on a profound understanding of clients’ needs. Unlike previous experiences in banks and brokerage firms where the focus often missed the mark on truly understanding customer requirements, it was recognised that addressing this gap was crucial. Managing a client’s largest financial asset is a significant responsibility, and it is driven by a passion to ensure that each client receives the finest service and products available

How it works

Core Principles of Preston Point Capital


Client-Centric Approach

At Preston Point Capital, recognising and fulfilling client needs is central. Unlike experiences at previous banks and brokerage firms where understanding customer requirements often fell short, Preston Point Capital emphasises the importance of deeply understanding each client’s unique situation. This commitment ensures that all clients receive tailored advice and solutions that genuinely meet their financial objectives.


Integrity and Relationships

The selection of brokers and support staff at Preston Point Capital focuses on personality and integrity over mere technical skills. The firm believes that while technical knowledge can be acquired, the core values of integrity and dedication are indispensable from the outset. This approach fosters enduring relationships with clients, built on trust and mutual respect, which are invaluable in the financial sector.


Technological Efficiency

Preston Point Capital utilises the latest technology to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry, offering the most competitive and innovative financial products. This technological advantage also translates into faster response times and quicker loan approvals, setting Preston Point apart in the market. The firm’s reputation as the broker who delivers results, especially in challenging cases, highlights their commitment to efficient and effective financial solutions.

Personalised Strategy Development

Proven Process at Preston Point Capital

This four-step process ensures that every client at Preston Point Capital receives focused, effective, and thorough financial guidance tailored to their unique situation.

Initial Consultation

The journey with Preston Point Capital begins with an initial consultation where clients discuss their financial needs and goals with a dedicated advisor. This session involves a comprehensive assessment of the client’s financial situation and objectives, allowing for a clear understanding of what the client expects and requires.

Strategy Development and Review

Following the initial consultation, a bespoke financial strategy is crafted to align with the client’s goals and the current economic landscape. This strategy is meticulously developed to ensure it meets all the client’s needs. Once devised, it is presented to the client, who is invited to provide feedback, ensuring that any adjustments needed are made to fully satisfy the client’s expectations.

Solution Sourcing and Application

Preston Point Capital leverages its extensive network of over 60 lenders to source the best financial solutions for the client. After careful selection, the most suitable options are presented to the client, explaining the benefits and potential risks of each. Once a decision is made, the firm assists the client in gathering all necessary documentation and submits the applications on their behalf to the selected financial institutions.

Implementation and Ongoing Management

Upon approval of the financial solutions, Preston Point Capital oversees the implementation process, ensuring that the client understands and is comfortable with the new financial arrangements. The firm continues to monitor the performance of the financial products and provides regular updates to the client. An annual review is conducted to reassess the financial strategy, making adjustments as necessary to accommodate any changes in the client’s financial circumstances or goals.

Use Cases

Platforms tailored to your needs

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About the team

We’re passionate about fintech

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We are creating change through technology and product innovation

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Finflow is a place where we all strive for success — together

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Our culture


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Meet the team

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Aaron Hyde

Aaron Hyde

Co-founder and CEO
Warren Chae

Warren Chae

Co-founder and CTO
Phoenix Baker

Phoenix Baker

Chief of Staff
Lana Steiner

Lana Steiner

Chief of Marketing
Demi Wilkinson

Demi Wilkinson

HR Lead
Natali Craig

Natali Craig

Head of Product
Kate Morrison

Kate Morrison

Customer Success Manager
Corey Jacob

Corey Jacob

Lead Developer
Olivia Rhye

Olivia Rhye

Design Lead
Orlando Diggs

Orlando Diggs

Project Manager
Joshua Gilbert

Joshua Gilbert

Head Data Analyst
Noah Pierre

Noah Pierre

Finance Lead

Perks and benefits

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Time flexibility

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