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Our Story

In the past, I worked for Banks and other Brokers and felt what they lacked most was a true understanding of customer needs. In most cases, clients are coming to us to manage their biggest financial asset. I felt it was my duty to utilise my natural passion and skill in the industry to ensure my clients are receiving the best service and products possible.


To ensure the above could be achieved for my clients, the Broker and support staff selection at Preston Point Capital is a salient part of the entire process. We take a ‘personality type’ approach as opposed to a ‘skill type’ approach in hiring staff, because our number one value is to have everlasting relationships with our clients. Skills can be taught over time in this industry, what we have found in the history of Preston Point Capital is that character can not be taught. 


Our finger is on the pulse with the adoption of market leading technology to ensure we are kept up to date with the bank's latest policy and product updates. This helps us with adapting to what is competitive in the current climate, so we can offer our clients the best products in the market. Our turnaround times are also market leading as we have worked tirelessly to ensure our processes are swift, so that our clients get faster results. 


We see fast response times and quick approvals for our clients. We want our clients to feel 100% confident and in control of their finances. Preston Point has ended up with a reputation of being the Broker to call, if no one else can get the deal across the line.


I believe all clients should have access to a top Broker and a professional that cares about their individual financial circumstances. We strive to improve their financial position and manage it on an ongoing basis. I started Preston Point Capital because I have a passion for finding solutions and achieving results for my clients. 

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Shelley McGinty


Managing Director

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